The week in pictures

The week in pictures

There’s a definite pattern emerging now we’ve reached the fifth week. On work days the default is escaping into the garden to take advantage of the natural light – so far its proved more inspiring than the office! Either side of the working week, we try to get out when we can. This week has seen POD back in a swimming pool, handling animals at a farm and exploring the woods.

Welcome to Project 365: Week #5.

Day 26

Sunday saw us visit the local swimming pool in a quest to build POD’s water confidence. She had the best time so we hope to go regularly from here on. POD was exhausted afterwards but refused to sleep – opting to lie on the floor to watch Tangled instead! Her hair looks so dark in this photograph although the blonde remains further down.

Day 27

POD wanted to see the animals so we headed over to Bocketts Farm which is set in the Surrey countryside. After chatting to a collection of animals, and laughing at Mummy feeding them, she got to handle a guinea pig, a rabbit and a chicken.

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