The week in pictures

The week in pictures

The highlight this week was day 104 which was spent with Annie from Mammasaurus, Kitty and Ozzy at RHS Wisley. It’s always a beautiful spot but on such a sunny day, it was just glorious. We explored the gardens and had lots of fun together. The rest of the week was business as usual although POD did attempt her first scoot on Wednesday.

Welcome to Project 365: Week #16.

Day 103

This little fella visits our garden all the time. Really nice he dropped by while I was holding my camera.

Day 104

Monday was a brilliant day spent at RHS Wisley with Annie from Mammasaurus, Kitty and Ozzy. Annie wrote a great post entitled Making Friends which sums it up beautifully. It was a really great day that saw us explore almost every nook and cranny.

We got to see an orchid display while we were there too which was pretty special.

Day 105

A quick look round the garden today reaped its rewards as a few tulips had opened. It’s become cooler since though and they’ve closed.

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