The week in pictures

The week in pictures

It’s been a good week for pretties. The RHS Secret Garden Sunday event showcased a wonderful display of blooms and how nice to see colour appear in the garden. With POD not at school yet it was a usual working week for us although we enjoyed outdoor fun after nursery a couple of times. Welcome to Project 365: Week #15.

Day 96

After larking around at Hatchlands Park last Saturday afternoon, Sunday saw the RHS launch their Secret Garden Sundays event in London.

Combining local and independent food producers, with everything you need to know to grow your own, this series of events has been created to get us growing, eating and celebrating the best of seasonal British produce. Afterwards we headed over to a second birthday party which POD described as the ‘best party ever’.

Day 97

A surreal journey in the car today. Firstly stopping to let a pheasant cross the road then passing through a village to where a pony stood grazing on a green! Once home I noticed a couple of Freesias had opened. POD watched Frozen again.

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