THE WEEK AHEAD – and I’m back! » Emily Beale Photography

THE WEEK AHEAD – and I’m back! » Emily Beale Photography

Did you miss me? Did you?

I missed you.

I’ve caught up on the ironing, cleaned my cupboards, done my Christmas shopping and generally been a busy bee. But boy am I pleased to finally have my computer back and be able to blog again! I have forced myself to be grateful for the time I was given, it was a gift, but it’s nothing to the gratitude I feel being able to get back to what I love.

So what can you expect this week?

I have so much to share…

I have one final week of autumn and so I’m making the most of it with a delicious autumn cinnamon bun recipe. This was one I amazed myself with, and even felt the need to call my husband at work and gloat about the delicious fresh buns I had made and was eating for lunch!

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