The Vanilla Diaries Week 0

The Vanilla Diaries Week 0

Alright, so I'm posting this slightly late considering that I actually started it last week but never mind. Homemade vanilla extract is something I've wanted to have a go at for a few months now and to be perfectly honest I'm not sure why I put it off. Then when I finally made the decision to give it a go I keep forgetting to order the pods. It took me spotting some vodka on offer in Sainsburys to force me to get on with it and even then it took me another week to order the pods but finally on Thursday of last week when I was so tired there was no chance of me getting on with work after I'd got back from uni, I got it going. It serves me right for not getting it started sooner because I had wanted to have it ready to use in the Christmas baking but now I will be pushing it. Like I said, don't know why I didn't get on with it sooner. It's so easy.

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