The unexpected perils of guest blogging

The unexpected perils of guest blogging

The only person I've shown it to is my boss and she nearly fell off her chair laughing. I haven't shown my husband and I have no intention of doing so. 

As you can imagine, as soon as I saw this article, everything had to stop then and there while I changed my LinkedIn photo to something less hideous. So when I got an email asking me to provide a guest article for a lovely blog last week, I was prepared. I was asked if I could provide a photo and I was happy to do so. I sent through one of me, and one of Libby and Soxa because it was a family article so I thought they might want to use both. My guest post was published a few days ago and I was really quite pleased with it. The only thing was, it didn't do my ego much good - they left off the photo of me and just used the one of Libby and Soxa. 

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