The Undersea World of Belize… A Dream Come True!

The Undersea World of Belize… A Dream Come True!

When I was a kid, I watched every episode of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau (hit link to read about why he mattered). I was madly in love with his beautiful world, and wanted to be him, when I grew up… not be like him, but be him. When we are children, magic still seems possible, and if I could have twitched my nose, I would have been on the Calypso in a blink. I was drawn to the ocean from the time I could walk. Many of my earliest memories are beside the sea. But Jacques Cousteau made that world so much more beautiful, exciting and alluring. I wanted to go below the surface and see what he filmed each week; I wanted to ride the waves and explore. However, forty-five years have passed since I first dreamed of that life, and I still have not learned to dive.

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