The Ultimate Accessory #GIVEAWAY!

The Ultimate Accessory #GIVEAWAY!

Always on the look out for small independents, producing ethical clothing this was a splendid find. They make simple, beautiful dresses and skirts for girls. Fresh colours, beautiful prints, classic styling and 100% British made! Liking what you see and fancy the look for yourself too?? Well you’re in luck because they also sell unique, snazzy collars and ties that literally go with anything! I’ve already worn them loads and will be putting in an order soon as they will make perfect birthday pressies for friends. Wear to the side , backwards, frontwards, any-way-wards! With these lovely accessories its sooo easy to give your wardrobe a fresh look. Mix and match to create your own unique style. What an easy way to change the look of an outfit and at £15 a pop you won’t break the bank either. Little Troll is offering one of these collars to a lucky reader, if you win you can choose any collar you like (stock dependent).

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