The Twelve Week Scan

The Twelve Week Scan

It’s feels like nobody medical takes your pregnancy that seriously until you reach certain milestones and the twelve week scan is one of them. For most this will be the first time you find out your due date, you’ll see the baby’s heartbeat on the scanning monitor or there’s the cliche of Dad fainting when the sonographer announces it’s twins; which probably never happens. You’ll go home with a little print off and you are so proud of this picture you will mostly likely frame it! By the end of the day you'll have bought something for this baby, maybe that pretty baby book you’ve had your eye on. It’s such an exciting time bringing a baby into the world and I was beaming with pride, 2009 was definitely my best year. It's hard to keep a lid on the bubbling pot of excitement when you know you're expecting but haven't officially announced it yet. The difference with me was that pot had been on the boil for quite some time.

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