The TV Edit: Ground Zero

The TV Edit: Ground Zero

I love TV shows.

I mean it. I reaally looove TV shows. I think it is mostly because you are given waaay more time to get to know characters (10+ episodes per season!!). The amount of box sets I have acquired over the years may seem like a lot to some people but as I discover more TV shows that I love the increase in the number of box sets I will have. There is just something about having the DVDs within reach that I just enjoy. And as you can probably tell from my numerous MM - 'Movie Mondays' to those that aren't in the know- posts, I kinda have a thing for motion pictures. But what I have noticed is that I do not show my deep appreciation for TV shows on here all that frequently. I mentioned a few when I first started blogging- Scandal, Teen Wolf, Person of Interest, Broadchurch and The Following- but I seemed to have stopped there and there are too many shows to share on this little slice of the internet. So, I have decided to start a new series (boy do I heart series haha) called:

'The TV Edit'

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