The TV Edit: Chicago Fire

The TV Edit: Chicago Fire When I was at primary school, I went on a class trip to our local Firehouse to find out more about what fire-fighters do. I cannot remember what was said at all but what I do remember was not getting to slide down the pole but getting the chance to see if I had what it took to be a fire-fighter. I remember being partnered up and told to save a "person" that was in a "burning" building. I was so excited to fulfil my dream of being a real life Power Ranger until I stepped foot in the "burning" building that was all smoky and dark. Little Mo is no different from present day Mo - we do not like the dark. I am happy sad to say I did not complete my mission and kissed my brief dream of being a fire-girl goodbye. Coming across Chicago Fire a couple weeks ago brought back that now less scary and more funny memory and short-lived dream of being a fire-lady. Once I sat through the Pilot episode, I knew I had stumbled upon a new TV favourite and quickly made my way through the episodes I had missed out on.

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