The trials and tribulations of breastfeeding

As soon as Lia was born, she latched on and fed well. She fed again in the hospital before we came home, but when I got her home I struggled to feed her. The first night we were home, I couldn't get her to feed at all despite trying all the tricks. I started to worry about her getting dehydrated and I knew that downstairs, I had a few bottles of the ready made formula that come with a teat.  Out of desperation at about 1 am, I went and got a bottle of formula. I put the teat in her mouth and she sucked it, taking on only a couple of drops. Because I realised that she was sucking, I immediately took the formula teat out of her mouth and replaced it with the breast. Hey presto, she started feeding immediately. I had to con her like this with formula just a few more times and she took on only a few drops of it in total, and now she feeds like a dream every time.

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