The toffee hammer of Charlie Ross

The toffee hammer of Charlie Ross

Every week I’m going to the gym area. Twice a week if possible. Usually I’m doing a tummy crunch and some cycling and I’ll end my session with a walk of 35-40 minutes on a treadmill. During that walk I watch what is on the telly in front of me. Time flies when you’re walking and watching! I like to watch the programmes of the BBC and Discovery Channel. Yes, you are right, the programmes where they are buying and selling antiques or vintage items (Flog It, Auction Kings, etc)! During one of my last visits to the gym I watched an episode of The Antiques Road Trip (BBC1) with Charlie Ross (and - I am not sure: Thomas Plant?). In this episode Ross is attracted to a toffee hammer. It brought back happy childhood memories. He remembered how the hard toffee was hammered into small pieces. I think Ross got the hammer for a very small price because of these memories. I don’t know how much he got for the hammer at auction but it was more than the 43 (?) pence. Last weekend I went to one of my favourite secondhandshops and guess what:

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