The tipping point

The tipping point

I lurched forward and pulled him back onto the pavement; I explained why what he did was so dangerous and told him he needed to be very careful of cars or he might get ‘squished‘. On reflection this was perhaps a slightly more graphic choice of adjective that i should have used, but one that stopped him in his tracks.

‘And then would you go the the shop and buy a new me?’

What happens when a toy gets trodden on, bashed a bit too hard or, um, ‘squished‘. Well depending on the strength of argument* you put forward for a replacement you may** get another one purchased for you (*tantrum **probably will).

So i guess he reasons that when an actual real life person gets ‘squished‘….well you do the same thing. Good guess kid, but it’s not the one.

‘No i can’t get a new you, there is only one you and that is the only one that i want.’

‘So what then?’

What indeed. Does a 3 year old really need to know that life is not forever, that sad things happen, that people sometimes go away and don’t come back?

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