The Things People Say And Do – 26 Months Later!

This week is Dying Matters Awareness Week and as it is I thought that I would re air my post that I originally wrote on June 14th 2012, called “The Things People Say and Do” mainly because I still don’t think people know how to support someone when their child dies, and also because I want to add to this post. I still stand by all of it, but there are things that I want to add.

Twenty six months down the line there are things that I have learnt since I wrote this post. (Stuff in italics was written in 2012)

Don’t call Rhianna’s death, “the case”, “the event”, “that thing that happened”, “the problem”, or “the issue” Rhianna is and was our baby girl she isn’t any of these statements, she is our baby. She died we are all coping in our own way but please don’t ever insult us by not even mentioning her name when you are talking about the situation that we are in.

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