The #teamhonkrelay Comes To St Albans

The #teamhonkrelay Comes To St Albans

Picture if you will, dear reader, the state of my house this afternoon. We had a friend to play, were making pizza, they’d been playing in the garden and I’d done a day at work. My mobile phone rings. “Hello, it’s Annie Brewster” says the voice on the other end of the line, “is that Jenny Mrs Cheetah?”

Annie Brewster is actually The Right Worshipful the Mayor of St Albans City and District, Councillor Annie Brewster JP. Tomorrow she’s joining us on the St Albans leg of the #teamhonkrelay – the most epic of adventures that has seen the baton travel from Lands End, across the south of England, up through East Anglia, to Cambridge then via an elephant (yes, really) today through Milton Keynes to spend the night in Hemel Hempstead. Tomorrow an able team will transport it to St Albans then, for me, the madness mind boggling bit begins:

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