The Tale of the Dirty Uncle and His Underground House

The Tale of the Dirty Uncle and His Underground House While in Bali, I decided to do a last minute trip to Nusa Lembongan with Darya and Mama.

During our day trip there, I chose the guided bike trip (since there are no vans or whatevers besides buggies) and after going around the island viewing the mangroves, the sea weed farms and the bridge linking to Ceningan, they suggested the underground house. I thought why the hell not.

Just a quick background history of this place. Gala Gala Underground House was 'dug' by a one man show; Made Byasa over a period of 15 years dated back in 1961 to 1975, using only a hammer and chisel. The house is completely carved from stone. There is a kitchen area, living room, meditation place.

There was an old caretaker; apparently the grandchild to the builder of the underground house, who acts as a guide for the tour.

What was i seriously thinking. I went on alone for the tour as Darya started freaking out as we were descending into the 'hole'. Firstly; i have claustrophobia. Secondly, the place gives me the hibbie jibbies. Thirdly, dirty groping uncles are just bad, bad, bad! (super flashback from bad childhood with uncles like that!!!)

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