The summer that was

The summer that was

POD has changed so much since this photograph was taken three months ago. She’s much taller, the little pot belly has disappeared and her face looks different. Even her smile has altered. Her vocabulary has increased dramatically as has a wonderful imagination. She’s more independent and she knows what she wants – even if it is Peppa Pig! She loves books, colouring, jigsaws and Jo Jingles. She wears big girl pants during the day.

On Christmas Day POD will be three, she’ll no longer be a toddler. Although she’s not at school you do sense the summer is over even with the sun still shining. We’ve not had a summer break but we’ve spent much more time together. Running our own business has meant we’ve been able to have fun in the garden after nursery. Not every day but most days.

POD has taken full advantage of her playhouse with it being so sunny. Preparing food for her dollies or, if you were invited in, offering a dish of garlic and asparagus. She’s loved being ‘in the sky’ when she’s on her swing and found walking up her slide highly entertaining.

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