The Summer Holidays in a Nutshell.

The Summer Holidays in a Nutshell.


And the living is …twice as bloody hard as the rest of the year actually Mr Gershwin,

Oh, Daddy ain’t rich and Mamma is not lookin’ very good at all,

So hush little baby,

Don’t you cry. Please stop whinging for one minute. No you’re not having another ice cream. Put that down!

School holidays are a time for eating al fresco because  picnics are easy.

Sandwich, banana, park, done.

But type the word picnic into Pinterest  and you will be assaulted by picture perfect picnics complete  with drinks served in jam jars, wicker baskets and sandwiches wrapped in string.

Who is creating this shit?

I fed my children Weetabix with a fork last week because I had no clean spoons. If there is string in one of my sandwiches it is because it is a string sandwich.

Here is my step by step guide to the perfect summer holiday picnic.

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