The Star Inn the City, York

The Star Inn the City, York

What a luxury. I booked a random Friday off work, and decided to make the most of it by taking my mum on a little trip to York. The weather was forecast to be dull with the odd shower, but instead we were treated to lots of Yorkshire sunshine. In your face Met Office.

A few years ago, my husband and I made the mammoth trip to Harome to sample the wares of the Star Inn. A short drive from Helmsley, it feels like travelling to Lands End, as half of the drive is on little A roads peppered with assorted wild fowl who like to run out into the road without a moment's notice... Despite the epic journey, we ventured back for our first wedding anniversary, and declared the place wonderful.

Fast forward a couple of years. I heard rumblings that Andrew Pern was to open a city centre sister to the Star Inn, cleverly named the Star Inn the City.

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