The Sports Day Victory

The Sports Day Victory

Last week saw the annual hell that is Sports Week. I *may* have, not very secretly, hoped for rain. After our experiences last year I had embarked on a mission to carry on the amazing work the Cheetah Keeper’s physio had put in (ie keeping him positive about Sports week even though we knew he was going to be last at everything) and also to get the school to make changes to the ‘race day’- mainly the length of the races.

Before you roll your eyes at me again (or worse) and start the “you don’t appreciate how important sports day is” response, again, please let me reassure you that I do appreciate the importance of it. I probably enjoy more seeing kids who I know struggle academically taking the lead in both their races and kicking in for a sprint finish, arms aloft and hurdling the finish tape than I do watching mine. That recognition is vitally important, I get that.

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