The Splendid Sausage Company, Manchester

The Splendid Sausage Company, Manchester

I love a good banger. I'm talking high meat content, well seasoned with added herbs and spices. The ones that sizzle in a pan and make back gardens smell of summer when whacked on the barbecue. I like the ones that come from a decent butcher, who made them by hand, just like his dad did. They're the reason brown sauce was invented (surely).

More to the point, I hate hotdog sausages, so rejoice in the hashtag of choice, #NoWeiners! To borrow the words of Denise Royle, I fear they are full of 'ear holes, eye holes and arse holes'. I don't like how they still look pink inside when cooked, I'm not keen on how some come in a jar and look a bit like the floating frogs we had in the biology lab, and 'meat' which needs no refrigeration and comes delivered in a cardboard box makes me feel a little left of angered.

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