The Spelling Test - Cheetahs In My Shoes

The Spelling Test - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Yesterday, the Cheetah Keeper came home gutted. Close to tears and extremely cross with pretty much the entire world. Even a homemade white chocolate and raspberry blondie cupcake wasn’t really going to improve the situation. It was that bad.

The problem? He had ‘only’ got 5 out of 10 in his spelling test.

Last week he got 10/10. This week he’d worked even harder, practising, asking us to write the words wrong so we could correct them for him, getting up early to copy them out. Then, whatever happened during the test or on the day and the final score was 5/10. It may be that he could spell the word but didn’t quite form his letters clearly enough, a d or a b may have been the wrong way round (very common when you’re 6, not conducive to 10/10 scores though) or it just didn’t quite come to mind easily enough.

All that work for 5/10 = confidence shot in one easy test.

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