The spectacular Angel Falls

The spectacular Angel Falls Also located in Canaima National Park is Angel Falls which, with a free fall drop of 979 meters, is the highest waterfall in the World. It was discovered by the explorer James Angel when he crashed his plane on an expedition in 1937.

Angel Falls is not easy to reach due to its isolated jungle location. Having flown from the UK to Caracas and the following day from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz, a further flight was necessary to reach Canaima. This is the starting point for all river trips to the falls.

We stayed at Campamento Tiuna in the Laguna de Canaima for 3 days which was run by Pemón Indians. This camp was situated off one of the blackwater rivers that flows through swamps and wetlands, the tannin in the water making it look like tea.

With transport around the Canaima National Park mostly by canoe or curiara, we traveled light. Our suitcases were abandoned at a larger camp for collection after our jungle stay.

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