The Social Media Lent Experiment OF DOOM!

I've been on Facebook since 2007, when my joining the site caused a massive argument with my then boyfriend. At first I thought it might be fun to try out this new site and maybe catch up with some old friends, and I have been lucky enough to reconnect with so many wonderful people I'd lost touch with over the years... 800+ "friends" later, it struck me last week that perhaps Facebook was taking over my life a little. I began deleting the "friends" I didn't actually know, and even closing down the Facebook tab on my browser when I was trying to work. I know, right? Shock!  I joined Twitter in 2008, and followed the obligatory random celebrities. I didn't really get it though, and stopped using it until I set up this blog in 2012. Since then, I've sent around 25,000 tweets and made several friends in the process. I think I'm probably more worried about not being able to tweet than giving up Facebook. It's my go-to place when I need advice, information, anything. It's 100 times better than Google in that respect.

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