The Simple Things - A Cardboard Box

The Simple Things - A Cardboard Box

My children are very lucky, they have a playroom full of toys- beatiful wooden ones, noisy and colourful plastic ones, the soft stuffed variety, books and puzzles. Every room in the house seems to have been taken over by their toys, Duplo bricks and Hot Wheels constantly under foot. Despite all of this, the most coveted 'toys' seem to be the remote control for the littlest (he isn't silly, only the real one will do) and my phone for Dylan

. Recently we were sent some Little Tikes Cozy Coupes ready for our leg of the Team Honk relay and after an evening spent building one, we retired to bed leaving the newly built car and the box in the middle of the floor. Come morning, two very excited boys discover the ultimate toy in their living room - a cardboard box big enough to fit two small children in.

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