The Sexualisation of our Children

The Sexualisation of our Children

Many people seem to pierce their little girl's ears when the girl herself is far too young to express an opinion one way or the other. We put our little girls in revealing outfits with "sexy" slogans on them. They wear crop tops long before they have anything that would need to be covered by one. You can buy heeled shoes in such small sizes these days, you could easily find a dozen pairs for a five-year-old to wear. Some of them are knee-high boots. Someone, please tell me: what does a five-year-old girl need with a pair of knee-high, heeled boots? She should be wearing grubby trainers and running around the playground, surely. I've heard people tell children they look "sexy." Children. Why is "sexy" something we want our children to be aiming for in their looks? Surely, if anything, we'd rather they look "smart" or if you're going somewhere important, "clean" - but sexy? Really?

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