The search for the best chocolate cake recipe

The search for the best chocolate cake recipe

It's no secret that I just love baking. It is something that relaxes me, it is good for the soul and at the end of it you get something yummy to eat and share with your friends and family or just yourself of course!! One thing that I have never quite mastered is chocolate cake. I love a good slice of chocolatey, moist cake with creamy fudgy icing. Nothing beats it. But either my cake is too dry, my icing not chocolatey enough or the taste is just not quite right.

So, I have decided to venture on a quest - I am going to try a few chocolate cake recipes and share these with you with my opinion of what works and what doesn't in the hope of finding a go-to, fail safe chocolate cake recipe that I can share with you guys.

Please, if you have a chocolate cake recipe that you love and trust, I would love to know! Is there a secret ingredient you use? Or a certain method?

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