The Savill Garden

The Savill Garden

The Savill Garden is part of The Royal Landscape in Windsor Great Park which comprises of The Savill Garden, The Valley Gardens and Virginia Water. Woodland, lakes and gardens cover over 1,000 acres.

It is said to be Britain’s finest ornamental garden, a true wonder and a garden for all seasons. November is probably not the best month for a first visit but those Autumnal hues beckoned!

It was difficult not to notice the wigwam like structures when I arrived. They were quite spectacular. On closer inspection they seemed to comprise of those huge leaved perennials called Gunnera I think.

They have thick, hairy leaves than can grow nearly 5 feet across and the plant can be 8-10 foot. The conelike blooms they produce can be 3 foot high. It’s a weird plant but intriguing and I’m sure they provide a great hiding place in the Summer!

Taking the Azalea Walk, there was a sense of calm amid beautiful surroundings. Burnt orange bracken lined a wonderful pond with bridges offering the opportunity to pass from one garden to another.

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