The Saatchi Bill for Cancer Cure

The Saatchi Bill for Cancer Cure - Verily, Victoria Vocalises.... Tomorrow I am embarking on a journey from Somerset to London. One of the most important I’ve ever done – to discuss the Saatchi Bill.

I have been to London on many occasions, and quite a few times since we have moved here, for one reason or another. On a number of occasions I have passed the imposing buildings that line the banks of the River Thames just next to Westminster Bridge. The Houses of Parliament.

I’ve always wanted to go in. If not to try and make changes happen, at least to have a look! And so, tomorrow I get the chance to do both.

Last week I received an invitation – which landed up in my junk mail (thank goodness I check through this!) – to the Houses of Parliament from Liz Scarfffollow working on behalf of Lord Maurice Saatchi. I was in disbelief. Why would they want to invite someone like me? What could I do?

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