The Saatchi bill – can it really make a difference?

The Saatchi bill – can it really make a difference?

hen I was invited to the Houses of Parliament on Monday to hear about a new private members, I accepted of course. I’ve never been to Westminster before and I wanted to see inside of the seat of power. I was equally intrigued to hear more about the medical innovation bill being put to the house of commons this week. My only hesitation was the bills proposer – Lord Saatchi, previously Conservative party chairman, one half of the partnership who bought us “Labour isn’t working” and ultimately the Thatcher years. I make no apologies for my political leanings, and they are distinctly different from his.

But as someone who has worked with oncology patients, someone who has lost loved ones to the horror that is cancer and someone who sees dear friends struggle everyday with complex medical conditions, I felt I owed them my time and an unbiased view of the proposal!

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