The rich don't carry change on Rhode Island

The rich don't carry change on Rhode Island The rich don't carry change on Rhode Island Apparently they give it back at the till.....

When Angel returned from her volunteering trip to Tanzania last year she overflowed with little observations about life in Africa.  And it was the same this summer after 11 weeks in the US.

She left at the end of May with a group of friends on a J-1 Visa - which gives college students the opportunity to experience life in the US, and work there for a few months.  They rented a house in Newport, Rhode Island, which is a summer playground for millionaires.

Jobs were easy to obtain - and easy to lose too. Angel worked in a T-shirt shop, and saw lots of hirings and firings during her brief employment there. But perhaps that's not always a bad thing either. The long term employees entertained themselves by telling tall tales and escapades, to whoever would listen, from serious internet shopping habits, to unreal sporting achievements - 60ft cliff jumps anyone? Perhaps that's what happens when you have to spend 50 hours a week folding T shirts for a living and have a new audience of young Irish students to impress every summer...

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