The Revelation Returns

Way back in April I blogged about cleaning the kitchen, yep riveting eh? As a stay-at-home mum it was one of the things that I found myself doing constantly and I was always battling with the children to put their plates away when they were finished eating. My revelation in April was that if I did a little tidying everyday then I could keep my house looking tidy without much effort. Well that is almost true. These days my kitchen is tidy. Tidy - not sparkling. What I’ve found is that it is easy to keep it tidy but with the constant coffee and tea making, lunch and dinner and sticky fingers, there is no way to keep my counter tops sparkling unless I keep everyone out of the kitchen. This isn’t practical but I have come to terms with the fact that tidy is okay. I don’t mind it actually. My kitchen doesn’t ‘need’ to be sparkling all of the time and as long as there’s not food going mouldy on the tops and plates piled high above the dishwasher then I think I’m doing a good job.

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