The Red Wine Trail

The Red Wine Trail

A couple of weeks ago we headed off to the Ahr Valley for the weekend. The weather forecast was not scintillating but the Sunday turned out better than expected. We were happy about this as a walk amongst the impressive vineyards was on the cards. In fact, as we made our way up the picturesque trail, we all agreed that the clouds partially masking the sun and a temperature in the low twenties was just perfect.

The Ahr region is one of the most famous red wine producing spots in Germany, with a strong emphasis on the Spätburgunder variety. The first vine stocks were planted by the Romans, with the vineyards now covering 520 hectares. It is by far not the biggest wine making area and the steepness of the slopes means that looking after and harvesting the grapes is hard work. The result is however high quality and often award-winning wines...

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