The Recipe Resource

The Recipe Resource

With school out for the holidays, I'm finally turning my attention to Easter! 

There seem to be more opportunities than ever this year to find free from treats for our children, finally manufacturers are catching on!

Here is a selection of suggestions from our Facebook Support Group. The Lindt dark bunnies have soya lecithin in (the highly purified oil, not ok for everyone but many tolerate it) but are otherwise soya, dairy and gluten free. This is pretty much true of all the other treats pictured below, most are available from supermarkets or high street stores like Holland and Barrett.

Personally, my vote would go for the Choices "Celtic" egg which is 60% cocoa solids, and unlike many others has few additives. This is the one my youngest two have for Easter! Holland and Barrett have a fabulous selection of treats here.

Although time is running out one of the best online supplier for children's Easter treats is "Free From For Kids" which has a lovely selection of pre-wrapped gifts and treats.

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