Swimming, Housing and Lakes of Gin

The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock'n'Roll Mum. I did it, I turned 40, I may be over the hill, but the view from here is lovely, you lot the on the other side just don't know what you are missing. Chocolate trees, golden syrup sunsets, lakes of gin....it really is mahhhvelous! So how do I feel? Hot actually. Too bloody hot, and happy to complain about it. Can't sleep, can't think, appetite surprisingly unaffected! Would be delighted if we could dial down the furnace a bit to a more pleasant degree.

The BBC have a delightful game to play on their website this morning. It is the 'Where Can I Afford to Live?' game. I had a little look basing it on the Local Allowance Limit for a three bedroom property where I live in West Dorset....

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