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Since Baba has started school, I am able to go to Rhianna’s grave whenever I feel like it. (I don’t like to push Baba to go, if he doesn’t want to then I will wait until a time I can go on my own, but him being at school has enabled me to do this) There doesn’t have to be a reason to go, sometimes it is just nice to go up there, check it looks nice and nothing is dying up there.

After we had Boo and Mr L had gone back to work and Baba had gone back to school I had an urge to take Boo to Rhianna. This after all is Rhianna’s place and I don’t want either him or Baba to be worried about Rhianna’s grave. I want them to know where their sister is, I want them to find a little comfort there and want them to have a connection there.

It was a cold, but bright sunny day and it seemed a perfect day to take Boo there, there literally was not a cloud in the sky.

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