THE Question That Every Parent Dreads...

THE Question That Every Parent Dreads... -

Yesterday we went back to Cannons Ashby to do the bird trail in the morning, had some lunch then popped into town to do some shopping. We’d, had a lovely time and were having a chat in the car about what we had seen and done that morning, when the conversation took a turn for the worst…

“Do sheep lay lambs, because their babies are in their mummy’s tummies and not in eggs?” One of the girls asked.

“Sheep give birth to lambs! I think only birds, snakes and fish lay eggs!” I replied,

“Dinosaurs lay eggs!” Said a very smug child.

“Yes but dinosaurs aren’t alive anymore, so yes they did, but they don’t anymore!”

“Did you lay us, because we were in your tummy?”

“No I gave birth to you!”

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