The Prompt: Books

The Prompt: Books

She felt the familiar thrum of anticipation. Someone was coming.

She remembered. Having purpose, being needed. But, it had been so long; so long without a touch, a caress. So long since anyone lingered and questioned, discovered and delighted. Her life had once been bright, sitting amongst the greats. Conversations, discussions, discoveries. Being tested, tried. Being included. Fulfilled. Her meaning and reason to be; sweeping them away, allowing them to lose themselves, find themselves, be themselves. Teaching, guiding; entertaining, exciting. She could still transport them; let them fly through dreams of what if and maybe and what might be. Let them see new worlds, new perspectives; different lives, possibilities. If they let her. She sat in the dust of age and disuse, of days lost and places unseen, of stories forgotten and tales untold. She remembered. Someone was coming, and she might be found.

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