The Pretty, the Prickly and the Exotic.

I know some of you already know but for those that don’t, I have recently returned from a glorious two weeks in Portugal. We stay on the Algarve, about 5 miles from the coast and just at the foot of the mountain range, Serra de Monchique. The house belongs to family friends, there is no way we would be in such salubrious surroundings without the right connections, and this is the third time  we’ve holidayed here in four years. In this time the garden has definitely matured and grown and it’s always a lovely surprise to see how it’s changed. One peaceful afternoon I took myself and my camera around to record the vibrantly tantalizing, wonderfully diverse and the beautifully Mediterranean. Or the pretty, the prickly and the exotic.

So lets start with the pretty, as always my knowledge does does not stretch to names…

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