The Potty Wars Episode II: The Poo Pee Menace

The Potty Wars Episode II: The Poo Pee Menace


The Husband is only away for less than a week yet it felt like he had been gone for ages.

*mother of all groans*

I now know how (wow that 3 words looked strange 'now know how' side by side hah!) challenging this could be. By now the little miss has sworn off any diaper wearing, so it's a battle (and the lack of confidence on my side to leave her diaperless overnight) nightly trying to coax her into wearing her pull ups. It IS a good thing IF she goes to the bathroom to do her business. Instead! *lips quiver and cries while slowly mopping the area and Febreez-ing the house*

The last I spoke, there had been many more accidents. Sometimes 3 in a row and now number 2 is included in the accidents. Reminded her every hour and now we had to go back to telling her if she needs to go; every half an hour. Sometimes she will go on her own and screaming my name for the entire building to hear calling me after she's done but she will totally forgot or defy strongly against going for potty session when she's busy playing

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