The Post Where Ginger cat says goodbye...

The Post Where Ginger cat says goodbye...

Our sons well loved imaginary Ginger Cat has been a part of the family for 4 years, but it feels like he is being needed less and less... it shall soon be time to say goodbye.

I know soon I shall be leaving. I know that you will no longer need me as you do. This year I have watched you evolve and grow, And I am so very proud of you.

You seem taller by the minute, In height and in self esteem, A confident yet wobbly six year old, With a cheeky smile that always beams.

But my visits now are fleeting, You no longer imagine my entire family. I no longer have a car or a mobile phone, Or a house up in a tree.

I can feel my edges are slightly faded, And my outline's a little smudgy. My coat looks a little duller, And my paws are a little grubby.

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