The Poor Relative!

The Poor Relative!

What a week - again! Haven't settled in since Ofsted (outstanding, by the way!) and now there's movement afoot with my job and it's unnerving. Carry on with the job I'm doing now or move on and see what may happen. Scary. So this has led to a meltdown of organisation, which isn't brilliant, to be honest. Food hasn't been what was planned and chocolate has taken on integral roll in my nutritional week (alongside the addition of a glass or two on a mid-week evening!).

So the week started well with leftover Galette au chou for lunch on Monday and fish finger subs for tea. I love fish of all types and never under-estimate the beauty of a finger in a sub-roll with mayo, ketchup, roquette, tomatoes (still home grown!), red onion and gerkins. Never.

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