The park and gardens at Ickworth House

The park and gardens at Ickworth House

We arrived at Ickworth House relatively early (for us) and after a family weekend at Elvedon Forest Centre Parcs. We'd had a great weekend with my family celebrating my Dad's 80th birthday - he celebrated by doing the zip wire (yes, you read that right it was his 80th birthday); I celebrated with my feet firmly on the floor and my camera in my hands!

So when we arrived at Ickworth the thing we were both relishing was some freedom - not from my family you understand, but from having the Centre Parcs boundaries enforced on us (and it wasn't that bad really). We were looking forward to roam around some parkland so Ickworth was a great choice for that. We'd been to Ickworth many years before with MOH's family and although we remembered some of the house, neither of us had any recollections of the gardens, or the park.

So after sorting out a misbehaving contact lens, we set off to explore... and immediately ducked into the Albana walk among the ancient oaks and yew avenues.

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