The 'Other' Breastfeeding Post

When you announce your pregnancy, you get asked a number of questions. Would you prefer a girl or a boy? Have you thought of any baby names? and do you plan to breastfeed? When I was pregnant with both boys, I answered this last question the same way, if I am able to, then yes, I plan on breastfeeding. I did breastfeed Milo and I am still breastfeeding Alfie. However, and this is the part I was a little nervous blogging about, I don't particularly love it. I don't dislike breastfeeding. I certainly don't hate it. I just don't feel a major emotional response to it. Admitting that you aren't particularly enthralled by breastfeeding seems to be like a bad word. If you think it, you definitely don't say it, in case you will be seen as some sort of robotic, cold hearted mother.

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