The No Junk challenge

The No Junk challenge

I’m certainly not whiter than white when it comes to junk food in our family. I try to be healthy but at the end of the day, I’m just a normal mum serving up food to three kids – one of whom is particularly fussy – to a deadline: ie their hungry tummies plus school and bedtime schedules. So time-savers like fish fingers, potato waffles and ready-made Yorkshire puds are, I must admit, usually stocked in my freezer, to be rolled out on those evenings when you need a fast and – importantly – also effortless meal. Meanwhile, my kitchen also contains a few ‘occasional treat’ foods like crisps, chocolate, sweets and ice cream. I like to think that their effect can be balanced out if these foods are eaten in moderation and sparingly. But I do feel uneasy about the sometimes unpronounceable ingredients in the listings of junk food – and the amount of sugar, salt and flavourings in certain foods, and often, wierdly, in those aimed at children.

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