The Nightmare Before Christmas Nails – Halloween Series

The Nightmare Before Christmas Nails – Halloween Series How creepy is my zombified hand. Picmonkey has the best spooky editing tools at the minute, you can turn yourself into a zombie/vampire/witch/demon… anything your spooky heart desires. This manicure is based on one of my favourite Tim Burton movies ever – The Nightmare Before Christmas. Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the super scary movies… there’s cute spooky true love to be found too. Just look at Jack and Sally Skellington. Love conquers all (says the forever alone girl…).

I highly underestimated the intricacy of the Sally Skellington nail, if I could redo it I would put her on the ring finger instead of my tiny baby finger nail. Major heart failure and breath-holding were required to get the detail on that lil guy. I’m actually really impressed with how these nails turned out, probably neater than I’ve ever done before!

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