The Murder of Creativity

The Murder of Creativity

I'm reading a book at the moment, called The Element by Sir Ken Robinson. I bought it after seeing a Ted Talk he gave about how schools were killing creativity.

In both the talk and the book, Robinson talks about Gillian Lynne. When she was at school in the 1930s, Lynne's teachers told her parents there must be something wrong with her, because she could never sit still in class. Her mother took her to a doctor, who talked to them both together. Then the doctor stood up and told Lynne, "I'm going out here to speak to your mother alone; we won't be long." He switched the radio on, and left the room with her mother. As soon as they left, Lynne began to dance to the music on the radio. She didn't realise the doctor had stopped with her mother just outside the door of the room. He turned to her mother and told her, "your daughter is not ill; she's a dancer."

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