The media lounge at Eccleston Square Hotel

The media lounge at Eccleston Square Hotel

When I hear the words media room I think of a small, dusty, overheated room with hundreds of wires coming from ancient looking servers, and a button used to turn everything off and on again when something goes wrong and nobody knows how else to fix it.

But if you asked for the media room in Eccleston Square Hotel you’d find yourself in a cinema cum bar just off the restaurant with a giant wine fridge, pristine tiled chevron flooring, enough room to seat 12 (or 25 standing), and a 103″ HD TV.

In preparation for Wimbledon I visited the hotel with Laura to watch some of the French Open and to see how impressive it is in reality. The hotel showed the Olympics Opening Ceremony in 3D and they currently have a World Cup package which includes private room hire, a welcome drink, nibbles, and a choice of one of their classic dishes for £25 per person.

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