The magic of Peppa Pig World

The magic of Peppa Pig World

Last month we visited Peppa Pig World for the first time. We told POD we were going the night before which in hindsight wasn’t the wisest move given how excited she was. She was beside herself when we arrived announcing she loved it when we’d barely left the car park!

First stop was Madam Gazelle’s School House where we had an official photograph taken with Peppa, George, Suzy Sheep and of course Madam Gazelle herself. It’s a brilliant photograph that just epitomised the day.

POD loved being in Peppa’s home too and would have joined her ‘friends’ for dinner if she could. She stood watching them for a time and had to be dragged away!

POD embraced the characters at Peppa Pig World – Zoe Zebra got a lot of attention!

POD brought ‘little Peppa’ with her and waited patiently to see Peppa and George so she could show her to them. Thankfully we got to see not just Peppa but George too.

There are numerous rides at Peppa Pig World and we really were spoilt for choice.

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